Jean Harlow Artist

About me and my work

This site is mainly dedicated to my contemporary artwork  but you can also find examples of  more traditional artwork at

I am interested in fusing philosopy with nature and science through art.  Having spent a lot of time  living and working in rainforest environments  they  appear to have a strong influence on my images. 

I love the intracacy of small details and the concept of minature worlds within worlds; ecosystems within other ecosystems.  These  are embodied in the complexity of rainforest ecology.   

This is a watercolour painting called 'Sarawak'. It grew out of  time spent living and working in Borneo.  This piece merges intuitive and spontaneous mark making with deliberately, highly controlled drawing in ink.  I enjoy combining  these extremes. It was sold at  the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull (Open Exhibition 2012) to a private collector.

My more recent work reveals similar hidden complexities and interconnections.  I revel in depicting and hiding away the small details for you to discover. I am currently exploring positive and negative spaces to create elusive realities and illusions.  I call this 'exploring the unscene'.


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